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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous


I found the following question and answer which refers to an FMB130 and Codec 12.

Specifically the answer:

Regarding a socket, you are correct, socket will close if there is no data sent from device side. For that timeout "Open Link Timeout" parameter is responsible (GPRS settings). The maximum timeout you can set is "259200" seconds, also timeout will reset if any new data is sent from device, which usually means a link with a server will be always opened. Another part that I must mention that the link can be closed from server or operator side. If you control a server side you can develop that the link with device will not be closed. And for operator side, if you have issues that operator is closing a link then I would suggest you to use "Network ping timeout" parameter.

Does the bit in bold also apply (to Codec 8 & other FMB devices), ie. will the Open Link Timeout reset if new data is sent to the server?

Many Thanks.

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by anonymous

You are correct.

Once device generates AVL records it has to establish connection between itself and a server to send a packet. So once connection is established, link is maintained for as long as open link timeout is set, if device generates more records during that time it will send it immediately without re-establishing connection with the server as the link is still open and it will also reset this open link timeout counter. If device does not send a packet during open link time out period, link will close and connection with the server has to be established again.

If you have anymore questions please ask.

Best Regards.
Best answer
by anonymous
While busily tracking down what is closing down the network, we discovered there can be multiple sources, The Telcos, the MNO, the MVNO and/or your server provider.  Best solution is set open link timeout to 200000+ and Network Ping Timeout to 0.  Then track everytime the network closes and you will have your lowest common denominator of minimum Ping Time.