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how can I modified FMU3001 when it on the ODB port

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You can configure it using FOTA Web.

On your computer, launch Teltonika configurator, and press create new configuration.

Then search for your device and select appropriate Frimware version (FW).

Then you will be taken to configurator, where you will be able to create a new configuration.

After configuring new configuration press save to file, configuration will be saved to a file which can then be uploaded to FOTA WEB.

Upload it to FOTA Web and assign your configuration to your device.

Depending on previous configuration it will take some time for a device to initiate a connection with FOTA Web server, but you can initiate immediate connection by sending SMS command to your device.

SMS command is this: 'login password web_connect'. If you have not set any login or password command should have 2 blank spaces at the beginning '  web_connect'.
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