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I must use FMB204 for my boat.

I need to receive SMS if boat go out of restricted area when I'm at home but when I go out with my boat myself I want to deactivate alarm function.

Actually I'm using only automatic geofence function but I don't know wich SMS I must to send to deactivate alarm temporary

Thank you for your help

1 Answer

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You can deactive Auto Geofence by setting up "Deactive By" parameter in Configurator:

You can also disable that function using setparam SMS command:

Auto Geofence scenario priority parameter is 20000:

Possible values: 0 - disable, 1 - Low, 2 - High, 3 - Panic

To diable Auto Geofence send SMS: "<sms_login> <sms_password> setparam 20000:0"

If your sms login and password is not set in the configuration, leave two spaces in front of the message: "  setparam 20000:0"

Accordingly to enable Auto Geofence and set its priority for example to High send: "  setparam 20000:2"


Janusz / Teltonika support