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I have used the teltonika configurator to set the APN and server address settings but the device is still not sending anything. Is there something else that needs to be done before it can report? I am sure the SIM chip is working and both LEDs are flashing normally.

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You have any other device is connected to your server and communicating ?

At least  you need to configure the following things.

APN name

APN User name

APN Password

Server IP

Server Port

Data Acquisition Settings

Please find the below link for information.

If you can upload the device configuration file and device terminal log, it will be helpful.

Thanks in advance 


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There could be many possible reasons why your server doesn't receive/accept data from device:

- there is no GPRS connection

- there is no records to send

- your server doesn't accept records (due to wrong protocol for example)

First check if your device has some records saved in internal memory that should be send to server. Please send getinfo SMS command to device. When you receive an answer there will be REC:X part which shows how many records is in the memory. Full answer description is described on our Wiki page:

If Rec number is non zero it means that device is generating records but they could not be send.

To check GPRS status connect your device to Configurator and go to Status->GSM Info, you will see there GPRS status, SIM state, Sent Records counter and more.

Please verify above and let me know about your situation


Janusz / Teltonika support