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Buenas tardes mi nombre es Jose Gamboa, tengo un problema con una unidad Teltonika FMA120 la cual presenta el siguiente Log:

015.01.01 00:04:07]-[GNSS Control] State changed. gps on => gps off. Caller: data saving

[2015.01.01 00:04:07]-[AppDatSav] Restarting. Reason: no nmea 30 sec

[2015.01.01 00:04:08]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:70)

[2015.01.01 00:04:09]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:69)

[2015.01.01 00:04:09]-[GNSS Control] Over off by: data saving, state: gps on

[2015.01.01 00:04:09]-[GNSS Control] State changed. gps off => gps on. Caller: data saving

[2015.01.01 00:04:10]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:68)

[2015.01.01 00:04:10]-[AppSend] No sending procedure in 239 sec, configured period: 120 sec

[2015.01.01 00:04:10]-[AppDatSav] No NMEA data detected 28/30

[2015.01.01 00:04:11]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:67)

[2015.01.01 00:04:11]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:66)

[2015.01.01 00:04:11]-[AutoGeo] Time not synchronized, activation timer reset!

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:65)

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[SCHED] Simple Tacho debug: Already sent: false, is active: true.

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[AppDatSav] No fix

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[SCHED] lvcan request

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[AppDatSav] 949 seconds before periodic record save

[2015.01.01 00:04:12]-[AppDatSav] No NMEA data detected 26/30

[2015.01.01 00:04:13]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:64)

[2015.01.01 00:04:14]-[MODEM] Modem is Initializing (tmo:63)

Mi pregunta es saber si el equipo tiene solucion para repararlo, ya lo intente cambiando con diferentes sim cards, repsando diferentes versiones de firmware 47.7.,  47.8., 47.9., y el problema persiste no se si es que el moden entro en un corto y ya no sea posible desbloquear, o la tarjeta madre este dañad. 
mil gracias por su ayuda, bendiciones.

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Hello Jose,

Thank you for your detailed inquiry.

In this case, we would like to recommend to contact your Sales Manager who will help you with our Technical Support Engineers to check unit modem behavior and after that could recommend solution. If you don't have any contacts with our Sales managers, please contact them on our official website  and click on "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.

Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics".

Stay safe,

Teltonika Support