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Hi im having a problem with FMB630 connection to server. SMS response is GPRS : 1 (1)

2 Answers

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Can You provide more information about Your issue:

• Are You using correct IP and PORT?

• Are You using Your custom server? If YES, server send ACK after IMEI is sent to the server?

• Can You send SMS command "getstatus" and provide the answer to us?

Best Regards

Yes Im using correct IP and Port, i even tried using another Traccar server but had no luck.

Regarding server, i have 2 servers and have multiples FMB630 connecting without problem.

You should hide Your phone number and SMS logins (delete this image and upload again).
Thanks, i have already changed the photo
"Data link: 0" indicates, that there is no active data link between device and the server.

• Which firmware version are You using?

• You are facing this issue only with this device or there are more?

• When did this issue started?

Also, send SMS command "cpureset". If device reset fixes this issue - the cause of device not connecting to the server is most likely firmware issue.
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I have already tried using cpureset but didn't work. Im using firmware 02.77.

This problem was just with two devices, the issue started 8 days ago.

Perhaps I can try to upload another firmware?