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I'm testing FMB001 (GRPS) with the IoT platform and noticing some strange behavior. 
I need just to understand - can it be solved with configuration or with other devices from Teltonika or I need to switch completely to another brand.

  • The accuracy is low and GPS data seems to be collected every 5 seconds or more. I need to collect data every second during driving with the maximum error of 2-3 m. 

  • With the start of the engine, the package is sent with "Ignition=1", BUT when the engine stops - nothing is sent! The next package (with Ignition=0) comes in 30-40 mins (looks like sleep mode?).
    So, with this behavior, I cannot pinpoint the end of the route - the car is parked but according to the data received - it is still driving.
  • during the driving, the device often sends "0" for speed and altitude - should these packages be ignored?
  • when the car is parked, the accuracy of GPS data is really low:
Thank you,

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Hello Max,

Thank you for your detailed inquiry. It help us easier understand your situation.

Talking about late records, there might be the reason that "Min Period" and "Send Period" parameters on "Data Acquisition" settings have different values than 1. If you want to get data from the device every second, you need to set the mentioned parameters value as 1. As an example, please check the picture below:

Talking about GPS accuracy when a vehicle is parked, could you please provide us a screenshot like the example below?

Looking forward to your answer.

Best regards,

Teltonika Support


Thank you for the response.

Regarding position in non-movement mode - it is returned correctly with the settings you provided.
But accuracy of coordinates during driving is really really low, e.g.

- the blue line shows the route from the device
- actual GPS coordinates returned by FMB001 are indicated by red circles
- the green line indicates actual route

Is it possible to improve somehow?
Thank you,

Thank you for your detailed response.

Could you please say which firmware version your unit is using?

Thank you in advance,

Teltonika Support