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I bought Truphone sim card for  my Teltonika device and in the description they say "The vast majority of professional Teltonika customers consumes between 3 to 6 megabyte/month (i.e. 180 to 360 MB in 5 years) per correctly configured Teltonika FM device."

What is the correctly configuration parameters of FM device for reduce usage to 3-6 megabyte per month?


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All depends on your needs and if you need accuracy on map or not. In the link below you can find an example of configuration which can consume around 5-8Mb data per month. Depends on vehicle usage as well. The parameters that you should look at is in data acquisition. Also please check if there is high priority events set (they triggers data sending when even occurs).

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Teltonika Support.

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I tried to load the configuration file but I got the following message: