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Is it possible to configure sms event notifications via sms? I can see AVL ID LIST parameter but nothing else. I'm trying to activate some I/O Event notifications remotely.


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Hello avotec,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please, on Teltonika Configurator --> SMS / Call Settings (1st step) --> Authorized phone numbers (2nd step) set number which will be use for I/O event messages.

Then go to I/O settings (3rd step) and near parameters which events you want to get, please choose phone number (4th step).

After it, please do not forget to save changed settings to device.

Please let us know if you will have more questions for us.

Best regards,

Teltonika Support


Question > Is it possible to do what you have explained but via SMS?

Bug / Problem > I have tried your guide but the problem is this...

FW: 00.03.65



Clearly your software/hardware is full of bugs.

Only some of the features actually work properly, and anytime I have a problem support just ignores me.

I'm going to search for an alternative tracker that is actually fit for purpose.

I'll not be recommending teltonika anymore based on the FMB640 as its a product that isn't ready for market.