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I have Towing  detection set like this on FMB204:

DIN 1 is used to set Ign Status:

Refering to FMB_AVL_ID the Tow detection is io246.

I can trigger a tow detection event and AVL ID io246 is set to 1.

According to the manual,  "Function will be reactivated after FMB2YX again detects change of Ignition state from ON to OFF"

However i can toggle the FMB204 ignition state and state of io246 remains at 1 indefinitely.

I have the device configured for imobiliser with ibutton and auto geofence, - so with each test the ibutton is presented and those functions are deactivated after ignition is on.

Am i missing something? How do i reset the Tow Detection?

Also, with respect to the angles used for Tow detection - are the values for angle read and set at the time the device activates the function, or is the FMB204 expected to be in the horizontal plane when it is activated?

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Hello Jon,

Thank you for the question and detailed explanation of the issue.

Could you please specify which fw version are you using? How long have you tested? Did you wait 5 minutes after changing the Ignition state from ON to OFF(setting: Activation Timout(min))

Also note that:
In Unplug Detection and Towing Detection scenarios if Eventual Records is enabled Event will be generated (included into send records) only when scenario starts and finishes. If Eventual Records is disabled scenario status value is sent in each AVL record.
-> so it might be that you are receiving the event appended to the record only on the generation of the event -> it will always be 1.

Best regards,

Tnx Vytenis,

You were correct - it was the setting for eventual records. Setting to disabled has provided the expect result.

Firmware of the FMB204 is 03.07.07 rev00.
Glad to help! :)