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I am having some problems with Teltonika FMB120. I have configured one unit 2 weeks ago and it was sent signal correctly to my server also i have some other units with this configuration and it works good. I could read all the records including IO and it sent signal very fast(maybe every second).

Now the same configuration, i applied to other units of the same FMB120 version and now i am getting the data every 13 records. So when it has 13 records then it will send it to the server. I have checked the server and everything is the same also the configuration is the same as before. These 13 records sometimes it takes time 3 minutes sometimes until 7-8 minutes. 

What can cause this? how can i fix this?

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It's look like somehow the minimum Saved records changed to 13.

Please check this in data acquisition settings.

Thanks in advance