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I searched very much but I didn't find anything how to connect wires from gps fmb920 to car to see fuel level in server ,

How can I do that , please help me

Thank you in advance

2 Answers

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Hello Vali,

Thank you for your question.

Please check in our Teltonika Wiki page, where you will find information about how to get the volume of fuel in tank:

If you will have more questions about this solution, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Teltonika Support

Hello again,

there is a short answer about that , but I'm new here and I don't have any ideas which wire is for tank fuel level sensor ? and I have another question .

What I need to configure in configurator to see fuel level from server ?

please if you can explain it to me I'll be thankful

thank you very much
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What is the type of fuel level sensor? If it is giving output analog values you can connect it with the AIN1 pin of FMB920 and calibrate accordingly.

Mentioning the fuel level sensor model would help much.