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Hi All. We have OBD Tracker Teltonika FMB001 Firmware - FMB.Ver.03.17.01.Rev.00.e.xim. After connect in OBD, we see a some parameters, for example:

io32 - Engine coolant temperature

io36 - Engine RPM

But we cant understand io16.

In manual io16 - Total Odometer. In Wialon we see io_16=11488543, but these are not readings from the car's dashboard. Maybe these should be such as to convert?

In settings configurator, we are a change "Trip \ Odometer" - Calculation sourse: OBD

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You should understand that total odometer IO does not work by reading "real vehicle odometer value".

It continiously adds driven distance to total value. And thats how total odometer IO works.

You have an option to configure - where from FW should get driven distance. Possible options: GNSS, OBD, LVCAN.

To read real vehicle "dashboard odometer" you have to use LVCAN functionality. It reads correct vehicle dashboard odometer value. And sends it to server via total mileage IO.

This is because you do not have an option to read from OBD II protocol -> vehicle odometer value.
There is a mention of "odometer" - but our FW does not support reading it. It is not according to official OBD-II standard.
Our FW mostly reads OBD-II pids from MODE1 (all other IO's) and MODE9 (VIN etc).
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Hello, sorry, but in FMB001, in configurator we dont have options: GNSS, OBD, LVCAN. We have only: OBD and GNSS.

Maybe u have a new configurator version or firmware version?
CAN adapters (LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL) does not work with OBD (FMB001, FMB010, FM3001) devices and also with others: FMB900, FMB920, FMB962, FMB964, FMB202, FMB204, FMT100. So you will not see this option.

You will be able to see LVCAN option near Trip→Odometer if you will use one of these devices: FMB110, FMB120, FMB122, FMB125, FMB6300, FMB630, FMB640

Okay, understand. But why then you need to configure OBD in Trip \ Odometer"?

To define where from FW should take speed -> make distance calculations from.

I.e if speed source == OBD, then vehicle speed is taken from OBD and driven distance calculated according to this vehicle speed.

And once we have driven distance -> it is added to Trip / Total odometer IO values.