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I use it fmb140 03.25.11  rev140  configurator 1.3.23. c140  to test - all was ok.

I was trying update to rev 300 1.3.15 c002 03.25.11  firmware. Succesfully updated but after that is problem connect to box by configurator (not support)

How can I restore to default  factory or downgrade to c140 firmware?

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Thank you for our query.

Please contact your sales manager and request a firmware updater software with which you will be able to update the device back to 03.25.11  rev140 version. Not supported means that firmware version is not supported on this configurator. 

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support.

I have 2 ver configurator rev140 and rev300 but not possible to connect with box and downgrade firmware.

On 2 ver configurator I have error not supported.

Can you help me ?