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Hello everyone.

I would like to know what the configuration is so that the FMB120 GPS does not turn off and stay on at all times.

With my current configuration, the GPS turns off when I don't feel a vehicle movement or engine start, I leave an image of my current configuration.

I am also having a problem with the panic button or alarm button, this function is set in relation to a response given in the forum.

Answer given:

I leave my settings for the panic button.

I hope you can help me and thank you very much for everything.

PD: I have the ability to send SMS on the chip.

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According to your settings GPS is always ON.

We can turn off GPS through sleep mode settings only.

How you find your GPS is off ?

For the panic button settings, I will reply in that thread.



Hi, thanks for your help.

I also thought that the GPS would not have to be turned off, but on the tracking platform, the GPS only shows activity if the vehicle is moving.

If you can see in the image, the vehicles have not been turned on and the GPS does not show activity.