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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I'm trying to integrate my server with FMT100 device. Every morning I start to work with FMT100 - it's battery is out of power and it is placed on the desk far from window.

Will it ever connect to the server if there is no GPS signal?

I'm changing it's ignition status (by moving power supply up and down), shaking in order to have crash report. But it does not connect to server and does not send any data. I must put it by the window, wait for GPS position to be found and then FMT100 starts to send all the data, that it recorded while being offline.

I rather expect that the device will send data to server immediately when some event triggers. It is important, because when customer powers up a device in the garage, server should be informed about it immediately (due to configuration).

Maybe there is something wrong with my configuration (link below)?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello yannek,

Thank you for question.

Firstly, FMT100 is fastening

  • Locate the battery in your vehicle. If present remove the battery cover to access the battery.
  • There is a double sided tape on the back of the device, use it to attach the device on the battery, so that the GNSS antenna and LEDs indicators are facing up.

More information about mounting recommendations you can find in our Teltonika Wiki page:

Also, we checked your configuration file and we see that in your Time Synchronization settings are set Disable (GNSS) and in Records Saving/Sending Without TS - After Time Sync. That might be the reason why you do not get any data.

In this situation we recommend to change in Time Synchronization settings parameter Disable (GNSS) into NITZ+NTP. Then you will get data to your server.

Hope this information was helpful. Please let us know if you will have more questions.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,

Teltonika Support

Best answer
by anonymous
It works, thanks