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please i need your help to adjust the input 1 every time i stop the car or move it to understand the FMB920 and change the time it sends. in the menu i have found the time setting but i do not know it is factory set for input 1. If there is video or manual for input setting I would love it. Thank you very much.

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Thank you for your query.

To set delay for DIN1 status sending to server we you can use  average constant value.

if you will set Const avg value to 100. DIN1 status change will be sent after 10 seconds.

Avg const can be found on wiki page.

In parameter list:

Search for Digital input 1 

50175 Uint16 1 0 65535 Digital Input 1 Average

You can set it using sms command: <login><password>setparam 50175:100

Let me know if you will have more questions.
Best Regards.