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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Dear all please help me:

my device is FM1100 and in configurator I found following (dafeult) parameters:

HOME: stop vehicle 600/1/1,  vehicle moving   30/200/20/1

ROAMING: stop vehicle 600/10/600,  vehicle moving   1200/1000/30/0/10

UNKNOWN: stop vehicle 3600/1/1,  vehicle moving   300/100/30/0/1

As I have no experiences - please help me set the parameters to ideal values to reduce costs on my SIM CARD (I bought SMS with 50 SMS and 200 MB per month).

I dont need any tracking in ROAMING, so the values must be set to 0 / 0 / 0 ???

I need tracking vehicle in HOME NETWORK (was set as default) - I will try to set following parameters: 60 sec / 30°angle/ 300 meters.- how many datas will take tracker when I drive around 2000 km per month?

Many thanks for your help!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for your inquiry.

Values cannot be set to 0 Below you will see the link with min/max values available. In such case if you dont want use Roaming please use GSM settings, Operator List. All information is listed below how to set settings. 

Operator List usage -,_operator_list

You can find more information about data aquisition in Teltonika Wiki page:

Minimum and maximum values for data acquisition:

E.G. Home mode you can set stop vehicle 3600/1/3600 (Each hour data will be sent),  vehicle moving   30/200/20/1/120 ( data will be sent every 2 minutes to the server).

Let me know if you will need more information. 

Best Regards,